We helps prevent product underweight  and minimize the the risk of excessive costs.

Dynamic weighing helps increase the productivity and profitability of manufacturers in the food and beverage, chemical, pharmaceutical and other non-food industries.

We can customize or design checkweighers according to your application.


HANDWIN PRECISION IND. CO., LTD. is a company specializing in manufacturing Checkweigher systems machines for the high tech industry as well as software research and development. Since its inception, our company focuses on checkweigher development technology. Since becoming involved with Checkweigher technology, we have been able help our customers grasp the various production conditions that require Checkweigher systems and software. To further assist our customers, the Checkweigher systems are available in several languages that include “Chinese, Simplified Chinese, English, Turkish and others languages as well. Currently, the Checkweigher has an accuracy level of 0.06g and a speed of 230 items per minute.There are few systems in the market that can match the high speed and accuracy of our checkweigher technology.

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 • High speed (230pcs/min) • High Precision (±0.06 G) • High stability (±3Σ)

Applicable industry

■ Applicable industries:

• Food industry  • Pharmaceutical Industry   • Cosmetics industry
• Beverage industry   • Freight/logistics   • Chemical industry
• Automotive industry   • Metal production and manufacturing

■ Applicable characteristics:

• Carton  • Box   • Bottle   • Can  • Bag   • Cup

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