1. High-speed, high-precision, high-stability dynamic detection

• Automatic zero tracking technology ensures the weighing accuracy under the condition that the weight of the product changes on the weighing platform.


4. Unique automatic parameter calculation function

• Input product length (mm) and throughput (pcs/min), calculates immediately by the exclusive automatic parameter calculation function.




7. Checkweighing history data

• Stores checkweighing history data in machine interface or USB drive.

• Machine interface can store 2.3M piece of checkweighing data.

2. Max weighing accuracy (3σ± 0.06g)

• Using high-rigidity, high-sensitivity weight sensor reduces vibration stabilization time, and equipped with high-speed CPU processor for high-accuracy weighing results.


5. The most complete production management system

• Instant display of weight upper and lower limit graph.

• Summary graph includes histograms, and pie charts, can be converted to Excel file.

• Checkweighing parameters can be copied between products.



8. Internet (Industry 4.0)

• Capable of communicating with external devices, roviding intelligent industry 4.0.

• Modbus RTU/TCP communication protocol for seamlessly integration.

• Communication port includes RS-232, RS-485, ethernet, USB 2.0

• Built-in free protocol, select any of the communication


3. 10.1 inch color TFT LCD display

•Full color touch screen, easy to view, easy to understand, easy to operate, prevent operator error.




6. Authority and responsibility

• Divided into four levels, administrator, engineer, supervisor, and operator.

• Password protection prevents unauthorized access and change of parameters.

• Access rights are custom made for each level, avoid violating other user’s rights.

• Add or remove users under each level.


​9. System operation history

•System will automatically record the user login time and parameter modification.

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